Thursday, November 13, 2014

Happy 10 Months P!

Wahoo! We are in double digits! P is 10 months old! Oh, how weird it feels to say that I have a 10 month old. While reading through some of my favorite blogs this week I read this phrase, and it has really resonated with me.

"When you have children the days seem long, but the years are very short."

This is a very true statement that I think sums up my feelings as my daughter grows older. Yes, in the moment things can be stressful and daunting. I get overwhelmed a lot while home with her. With each new coming age and stage there are a world of challenges that come along. Each one bringing unwanted adjustments to my life. Yet, I manage to make it through. I like to think that I rock at being a mom. I guess I am a little biased, but whatev! So no matter how long each day feels--each month goes by so quickly and I find myself writing these monthly updates with a dumbfounded look on my face, wondering where the time has gone. I know that in two short months I will be writing P's first year update. I am sure the tears will be splattering the keys. I would expect nothing else from this sentimental mommy.

P's tenth month of life has been no exception to the above rule. I have been tested and challenged in this month. I have been pushed to my breaking point more than once. I have shed some tears for sure. BUT--I have also laughed and played a whole lot more than any previous month of her life. P is surely an entertaining little girl. She is little miss sassy pants for sure. I wonder where she gets her little attitude?

In this month P has learned to stand. She pulls up on just about anything that is steady enough. AND--sometimes things that are not so steady as well. She has started to walk around the couch and coffee table while holding on. She can let go with one hand and eat puffs or drink her water. My guess is that we will have a walker before 1. It's just a hunch.

P has also grown her hair long enough to have a very tiny ponytail on top of her head. Too bad she has become annoyed by the big bows I used to decorate her lovely head with. Now she prefers to rip them out and chew on them. Needless to say that we don't bother much with bows anymore.

I am happy to announce that P is doing great in the sleep department. After our 9 month appointment with P's doctor we made some schedule changes that you can read about here. Now we have a baby that sleeps 12 full hours most nights! We are so very thankful for this new stage in P's development. We hope that she never looks back.

We learned that the toys we had for P were a little too baby-ish for her when we observed her playing with older kid toys on play dates. So our new mission is to start upgrading her toy stash. She loves her new shape sorter, ring toss, and v-tech piano. I know Christmas is going to bring her some new fancy toys that are age appropriate.

P has returned to loving her baths. She wants to sit up, crawl around, and even stand in the tub. So we have resulted to actually getting in the bath with her for more protection. She loves to splash J as he makes quack sounds with her rubber duck. She also repeats the quacks. So adorable!

We have started exploring finger foods, but we are still kind of scared. P has a pretty hefty gag relex and I do not like cleaning up vomit. She loves shredded cheddar cheese and this has become a quiet time activity for her. When we go out to restaurants we just dump a big pile on her tray and she will sit quietly and feed herself for 30 minutes or more. It is really cute and quite amazing to watch your baby become more self sufficient.

P had her first major holiday with Halloween. She was an Owl and she tolerated her costume well. Unfortunately, it was unbearably cold for her that day and she couldn't really stay out long. We still got some cute family pics, though.

We are really looking forward to her first Thanksgiving and her first Hanukkah and Christmas. We think that it is really important for her to participate and know about both holidays. I can't help but think that she is so lucky for getting to have presents for both!

Yes, this is quite the exciting time in our little family. I am a tad bit nostalgic for those tiny baby days, and slightly sad that it is going by so fast. I just try to focus on how much fun her little personality is and it gets me through. I can't wait to share with you all her first birthday! It should be a "hoot".

So here's to you my little ball of energy. My rough and tumble, hard headed, strong willed, beautiful baby girl. You bring so much light into my dull days. Your giggles and smiles are contagious. No one can deny how truly beautiful you are becoming. I love that you can't sit still, and I hate it all at the same time. I treasure the times that you want to sit in my lap, and give me sweet wet kisses.

"So whenever you doubt just how special you are, and you wonder who loves you. How much, and how far."

 Know that I love you to the point of insanity, and I always will.


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