Friday, November 14, 2014

Happy Friday--My X-Mas List

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you all have a much more restful weekend planned than I do. Today is my dad's birthday, so I will be seeing him this weekend. Then I  have an early morning makeup job followed by the shower that am throwing for my future sister-in-law on Saturday. Then I am taking P to see her G-Daddy for his birthday Saturday night. Then Sunday we are headed to a baby shower. Whew! That's a lot for one weekend in my opinion.

This X-mas will be extra special because it will be P's first. Since I now have a child--I don't expect many presents for myself. I would rather people spoil her than me. See how evolved I am! Nevertheless, I figured that some of you might be struggling over what to put on your list for this year, so I decided to share with you what is on mine. Most of these things are things that I have been wanting for a long time, but haven't bought because we are saving up for our house and I would rather spend my extra cash on things P needs like diapers and wipes and personalized shirts. Who knows, maybe I will get a thing or two on this list from my family this year.

The Toms Booties are super cute for this fall and I have a friend who has a pair and swears that they are very comfortable. I think that they would be warm and cozy for those cold mornings when I have makeup shoots. I would be comfortable and stylish.

As you know, I have been drooling over the above Michael Kors watch for at least a year or so. I have not bit the $150 bullet that it would require to actually own one, but I think that most women would love it as a gift, so it is firmly on my list.

I love monogrammed anything, so that is why you see the necklace and oversized monogrammed sweatshirt on my list. These are just two of the thousands of endless possibilities that there are. Really I am a southern girl that believes that you can monogram just about anything. I have been wanting one of these cut out necklaces for a long time, but they also tend to be on the pricey side. The sweatshirt is much more affordable and therefore a better option for the gift givers in my family.

Since I am a makeup artist--I am always needing new supplies, and help with that in the form of gift cards means that more of my checks can go to P than restocking materials. Therefore, I always have Sephora gift cards on my list. I also think that most women love these little black cards. Let's face it--makeup is expensive.

The leather leggings are all over pinterest these days. For the last two winters I have been eyeing them and loving how they look with oversized sweaters. Seriously cute. Check out the women's fashion page on Pinterest and I guarantee you will see a pair on the first page.

And then there is a cream J.Crew puffer vest. Oh, how I love thee. I have a pink one that I love and wear all of the time, so I know that this one would get even more use since it is neutral. I know that I am not the only one out there that wants this vest!

I wish you all a very happy weekend, and hope that my list has sparked some new items on your x-mas list!

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