Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Sick Baby?

Welp, It finally happened. Piper ran her first real fever yesterday. She has run low grade fevers a few times over her 10 months of life, but most the time I barely noticed. She was acting normal and playing, eating, pooping, and peeing.

Yesterday afternoon when I woke her from her 3:00 nap she was very warm to the touch. Her back and stomach felt very hot to me. Her forehead was definitely warm. When I woke her I could tell that she just
wanted to go back to sleep. I brought her down stairs and she seemed disinterested in playing. She kept crawling over to me and climbing in my lap. This is something that she does when she is tired, so I knew something was up. I took her temp and it was 99.4. I thought, no big deal. She is just teething (breaking those top 2 teeth can be a booger). AND...I didn't give her any medicine.

I know-burn me at the stake. I feel horrible now looking back on it. But, hear me out. I feel that people over medicate their kids and I don't like to give her medicine if I can help it. Plus, the last time I gave her medicine she choked very badly and then projectile vomited everywhere. Needless to say I am not 100% comfortable with giving it to her.

So I waited it out. When my husband got home she smiled as he entered, but didn't want to crawl all the way to him like she normally does. I left to go get a shower present, and when I returned my husband told me that she felt really warm to him. She had been whimpering and not really playing like normal. I took her temp again and was surprised that it was 101. uh oh!

Enter the guilty feelings. The horrible, nagging, gut wrenching guilt that I had let my baby suffer in pain and yucky-ness for 3 hours. I felt like the worst mom in the world for letting her feel poorly. I just assumed that it was no big deal because she had run similar little fevers before. They always went away in an hour or so, and she was back to feeling better. This one was getting worse.

So now we are checking her temp around the clock. She is not a huge fan, but I don't want her feeling bad. I hope she is back to being my bubbly happy baby soon. Hopefully, there is not a doctor's visit in our near future.

What do you do when your baby is sick? How do you help them feel better when they are running a fever?

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