Friday, March 31, 2017

My Favorite Eyeliners

This blog is quickly becoming a hodge podge of beauty and motherhood--which is so my life. I'm constantly fighting the struggle of spending enough time with P and checking out new products and techniques for my side biz!

I have gotten a few requests to a do a post on eyeliners. Some of you want to know which types work best for which types of looks. The pros and cons. Which ones are easiest for newbies? The list really goes on. Hey--I did ask what you wanted to see. Silly me. Just kidding, I really do want to know. Keep it up!

Revlon ColorStay Liquid Pen
My favorite eyeliner for winged eyeliner looks or cat eyes is by FAR the Revlon Color Stay Liquid Eye Pen. Nothing comes close to this product for the money. It can make a dense and precise line so it is great for newbies who are just learning how to complete this look. I'm going to post a tutorial on winged eye looks next week so stay tuned. You can buy it at any drugstore.

My favorite Gel liner is by Bobbi Brown. This stuff is seriously pigmented and stays all day long. I love a gel liner for a more bold and sultry look. They are still pretty precise, but it all depends on the size of angled brush that use to apply them. Go for the smaller the better route in my opinion. And remember, less is more. It is much hard to remove and much easier to add product. You can buy yours here!

My favorite pencil liner is the Waterproof Gel Eyeliner Pencil by BellaPierre. I was gifted this in an Ipsy glam bag one month and haven't looked back since. It is super rich and glides on like magic, and it's waterproof so it won't budge if your eyes water--which mine always do this time of year. You can buy one here!

I hardly ever put a liner on my bottom lash line. If I do, then I almost always use eyeshadow on a damp angled brush. It looks far more subtle and more smokey--which is usually what I am going for. I love these Colorpop shadows for my lower lashline. AND they are so affordable. You can buy them here!

I get asked frequently how I make my eyes look bigger. The number one way is by using nude colored eyeliner in the waterline instead of black. It makes such a huge difference. I love a good nude liner for the waterline. The NYX Wonder Pencil is my favorite. You can find it at any Ulta store.

I hope you guys are enjoying the new content as much as I am enjoying capturing it. If you are wanting to view my Facebook Live tutorials, then you can follow my blog Facebook page here. As always let me know of any products or looks you would like for me to create and I will add them to my list.

Have an Amazing weekend!


Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Raising A Princess in Social Media World

"Mommy, I don't want to be smart, I just want to be pretty." -P

When I found out at my 20 week ultrasound that my baby was going to be a girl I was elated. I had secretly been hoping and wishing that I would have a girl. I'm not really sure why, but that is just what I wanted. When it came to fruition--I gasped in delight. Truly, I would have loved a baby boy just as much, but was hoping for a girl. My little P is everything that I had ever dreamed that she would be, and many more things that I didn't even know that I wanted. She truly is everything!

When I was a little girl, I used to dream about my adult life. AND nothing is like what I thought it would be...Except for my daughter. She is exactly the child that I had always pictured. A green eyed, brunette, with wavy hair. She is quite literally my dream girl. I fall more in love with her each and every day.

Over the past month I have started to think about the values and beliefs that I want to convey to my daughter through her childhood. I make a mental note each time she does something that scares me. For example: look both ways before you cross the street, say SHE instead of Her when referring to a friend, don't pick your nose in public (or at all), don't eat your boogers in public. Those are mostly little things. BUT I stress over dropping the ball. I am constantly worried that one of these little golden rules that I managed to grab in my childhood will be lost in hers. Then I wondered, why do I feel this way?

I truly think it is because of many factors, but mostly because of social media and the media in general. Everywhere you turn girls are confronted with social media posts that send them conflicting images of what a woman should be. That wasn't as prevalent when I was young. I am worried that the messages I am trying to send my daughter will get lost in a sea of information on social media.

This feeling started about a month ago on the way home from school one day. I was making chit chat with P on the way home. She had been struggling with tracing her letters at school and I was trying to reassure her. I mentioned that tracing would make her smart. She responded matter-of-factly, "Mommy, I don't want to be smart, I just want to be pretty."

My heart broke into a million pieces for my perfect baby girl who is so so beautiful. I knew that this wasn't something that she was getting from me. It is something that she has taken in from those around her, and from the images she has seen on TV and Movies. That is not what I want my daughter to believe--that you have to be beautiful to succeed.

While I tried to reassure her that she is beautiful and that there are more important things in life than being pretty. She kept repeating the same mantra over and over. I mean--Am I over reacting? I don't think so!

So I have really focused on giving her daily affirmations. I comment on the way she looks, but I make a conscious effort to comment when she does something intelligent. I point out when Belle on Beauty and Beast talks about loving to read. "See Piper, Belle is very smart. She loves to read."

I wasn't sure if it was actually working though. I just want so badly for her to be the strong willed little girl that I know her to be. AND I know that she is. I am terribly afraid that she will be send signals that she needs to cater to those around her, and that she shouldn't speak up for herself and what she feels is right out of fear that it might,"cause a scene."

Then last Friday night I got the sign that my affirmations and talks were having an effect. We went to P's Spring Fling at her school. We were waiting in line for the jumpy slide and a woman tapped me on the shoulder.

She said, "I just wanted to let you know that you are raising one tough girl." I asked her what she had witnessed. She said that she walked into school to pick up her child and had witnessed another child push her child all the way to the ground and then head on a rampage over to my child.

As he started to push Piper down--she shoved him right back exclaiming, "don't you push me down! That's not nice!" She then preceded to tell him to apologize to her and the other little girl that he pushed.

I had to hold back the ugly tears from escaping my eyes, because I was so proud of her. I was always the type of child (and adult now) that let's people walk all over me and bully me because I am afraid to hurt anyone else's feelings. NEVERMIND that they had hurt mine! My daughter stood up for herself and her friend. That is exactly the type of woman that I want her to grow up to be.

I hope that it continues to blossom as she grows and that she doesn't loose that quality.

For those of you with girls, how do you plan to try to combat these messages with your daughters?

Until Friday!

Monday, March 27, 2017

Tyme Iron Tutorial and Review

This is the first beauty tutorial I have done on the blog. I am so excited to make this a weekly thing! Disclaimer--I have not been compensated by the Tyme people. All opinions are my own completely!

So let's talk about the Tyme iron. It has been all over Facebook. It was haunting me daily. So I put it on my Christmas list last year, and I got it! It took me a good 3 practicing sessions before I had it down, but now it is the only hair product I ever use on myself. No more curling irons, and no more straightening irons. I just use the Tyme iron and I am set for both waves and straight! How cool is that?

If you are interested in getting a Tyme iron. You can purchase one here.

Here's the thing--we as humans to do not have a long attention span--so a product, no matter how great, that has a learning curve often gets shoved in the back of our cabinets in the bathroom and forgotten! That is why I wanted to do a video tutorial and post here about my experience with the Tyme iron. View my tutorial below if you already have the iron--or if you're just curious, or thinking about purchasing.

And now for my review!

1. Price
The Tyme iron is $189. That is a little bit pricey, but as someone who has bought Chi irons for years, it really is not that much more.  Many curling wand systems are in the same price point. I guess when you consider that the iron is supposed to take the position of both a straightening iron and a curling iron, then it would warrant that higher price. BUT I will admit that I used my Chi iron to curl my hair too, and the results were not much different.

2. Packaging and Quality
the Tyme iron comes in really sturdy and nice packaging. It arrived unharmed and in a timely manner. I have been using this iron consistently for over a year, and it still works just like it did the first day. It is well made.

3. Performance
The Tyme iron makes beautiful smooth curls and can straighten just as good as any other straightening iron I have ever used (and I have curly hair so I have used a lot). It has sucessfully replaced my other irons completely.

My one issue is that you cannot control the heat setting on the iron. It comes in one setting (F******* HOT). So if you are one who worries about heat damage--this might not be the iron for you.

4. Overall
Overall I love this iron. I use it weekly and I even use it on clients. While it does take time to learn how to use, I do think that it has superior performance.

Do you have a Tyme iron? If you don't, then maybe you will consider investing the next time you are in the market for a new tool.

Till Wednesday!

Friday, March 24, 2017

Friday Makeup Favorites!

My makeup favorites is a constantly evolving list. I am always trying new products and skin care. I fall in and out of love with different eye palettes each months it seems.

BUT... There are are a few products that I just always find myself reaching for. I may stray momentarily to try new products, but for one reason or another, I always find my way back to these few products. Try them out, and let me know what you think!

1. Younique 3-D Fiberlash Mascara
This mascara has been on an episode of the doctors. It is the best mascara I have ever used. I love it SO SO MUCH! It increases the width and length of your lashes by 500%! It does take a little while to get the hang of. It does take some practice, but I think that it is well worth it. When I don't want to wear false lashes--like to work--I always reach for this stuff. It is the BOMB. You can get yours HERE.

Ever since I have been wearing it I constantly get asked what brand of fake lashes I wear. I love saying, "none, these are my real lashes." HUGE confidence booster!

2. Younique Splurge Cream Eye Shadow
This is another Younique product that I just love. You can use the deeper colors as a base for a really smokey eye look or even as eyeliner. I love using the matte lighter shades as a base for my eye looks. And I love this pretty sparkly pink to create a quick sweet look for work. It takes two seconds. Seriously, just sweep it on with a concealer brush and you are done. You can get yours HERE.

3. It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer

If you have hereditary under eye darkness--then this is the concealer for you. It is a little on the thick side, but that is nothing that a little warmth and blending with your fingers wont fix. It is seriously pigmented, and I just can't stop using it for too long. I've tried every concealer under the sun and I always come back to thin one! You can buy yours HERE! They even have one with anti-aging skin care and illumination in it. That is next on my list!

4. Revlon Color Stay Liquid Pen Eye Liner

This is my ride or die eye liner. It is a felt tipped pen in the smootest black ever! I love love love it! I've tried every liquid pen from Kat Von D to Stila, and none of them match up to this one! Stop wasting your money on the expensive type. This is the real deal! It can create the perfect winged eye look in seconds, and is super easy to use without having to tug on those sensitive eyes! You can buy it at any drugstore!

5. Nyx Photo Loving Primer

This primer feels exactly like the Smashbox version but is a fraction of the price. It is smooth and velvety. It shrinks up my pores and helps my makeup go on smooth and stay on all day long. I will never pay for the more expensive version again! You can get yours at any Ulta store.

So there you have it. I hope this was insightful. I am sure that I will be changing up my routine soon enough. When I do, I'll let you know. BUT--if yo uhave a product that you have heard great things about, but haven't been able to try it yourself, then let me know. I would love you try it out for you and give you my honest review.

Until next week my lovelies!

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Words for My Daughter

Over the last few months I have been slowly piecing together ideas for Piper's new "Big Girl" room in my mind. For the last year she has been sleeping in a toddler bed, but I am well aware that she is ready to graduate to a "forever bed." As silly as that sounds. We are preparing to get her room ready and appropriate for a young lady. Something that will be appropriate for a little girl, but that can grow with her into her teenage years. I can't believe that I just typed those words.

I have picked out some furniture in my mind, and the paint color I want to use. It will be elegant and sophisticated, yet appropriate for this beautiful Princess that it will hold.

During this process I have become obsessed with wood framed art pieces. I know that I want a pretty large piece to go over her new bed. But I couldn't find the right phrase to put on it. I wanted something that would again grow with her into young adulthood.

While scouring Pinterest, I had a hunch to search for quotes from one of my favorite authors, F. Scott Fitzgerald. Anyone that has read The Great Gatsby knows that his work is very romantic and whimsical, yet thought provoking and quite sad at times. While reading through the multitudes of famous quotes from his work, I came across this portion from The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, and I just stopped searching further. As I read it, my eyes welled up with tears. I knew that this was exactly the wish that I had for my daughter's life each day.

These words truly express the type of individual that I want to raise. One that is strong, kind, friendly, caring, and intelligent enough to be true to herself first and foremost. They will be the words that will hang over her sweet head each night as she sleeps. I pray that they will stay inspirational and relevant to her all of her life.

I wanted to take the time to share them with all of you, because this is also the wish that I have for all of my friends and family. May these words ring as true to you as they have for me.

Happy Hump Day,


Monday, March 20, 2017

A Little Face Lift

Three years ago when I started this blog. It was a way for me to write about the multitude of feelings I was confronting as a new mom. Over the last year the blog has taken a ridiculous amount of neglect, and that is something that I would really like to change over the next year.

This place (my blog space, that is) is truly a sacred place for me. It is the place where I share my thoughts, fears, opinions, dreams, ideas, and creations. I want to start embracing that part of me more. I hope that I can stick to it. Can you guys handle a little bit more of me.

Part of this re-commitment to the ole' blog consisted of a design change (and much needed name change). I hope that you like the changes. I figured out in the process that I am not nearly as tech savvy as I previously thought. However, I am pretty proud of the end result.

The name reflects the two halves of my life. The side of me that is put together. Perfectly winged eyeliner matching on each eye, while my toddler is pitching a rip roarin' tantrum in the middle of the mall. It is a true reflection of the stage that I am currently in in my life. I hope you like it.

It is also a reflection of something that I have a desire to expand. That is my make-up business. My clients have been urging me for years to start doing tutorials. I thought...maybe this is the perfect place to start. Maybe with a product review every week, or maybe even a makeover segment each week (maybe each month--let's not get too bold here). Hey--if you want to be my subject, then hit me up. I would love to showcase your beauty along with my passion for beautiful things.

You guys could help me into this new journey by letting me know what makeup products you are interested in trying. I'll give you my honest review, tips, and tricks. Hit me up on Facebook, Instagram, or by email. I would rather write about what you all love.

Until Wednesday, my lovelies!

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Where Are You Summer?

Life has been so stinkin' crazy around here. I mean, let me be honest, I have been a big slacker in the blogging department lately. It's mostly due to the fact that our lives are so chaotic in the winter months that I feel like I barely have enough time to do my jobs (educator, wife, and mom) much less tell you all about how I am flailing daily. AND I do mean FAILING too. I can't wait for summer to come so that I can have time to relax and catch up on some good quality family time.

My life in January becomes an endless cycle of dropped balls. Add in my husband's soccer, my experience coaching Mock Trial this year, P's two new activities each week, and my mom's recent hip replacement surgery, and I'm just reeling from the stress. There is never enough time to do anything, and yet, when I get time all I want to do is lay like a vegetable on the couch and watch The Bachelor or something equally ridiculous. Please tell me that I am not the only one...Anyone?

Since Piper's Birthday time has just flown by. She is such an amazing little ball of energy. I fall more in love with her each and every day. I am loving how vocal she is lately. She will often compliment me on my outfit or tell me that my hair is pretty. One of her new favorite names for me is sweetie. I'm not sure where that comes from. She is so full of love, and spunk all at the same time.

Her Birthday party was spectacular. It was my best creation yet. Here are some pics of the things I created for it. This is by far my favorite thing to do all year! It is a labor of love, and one way that I choose to show my love to my daughter. I hope she looks back on these pictures one day and is proud of the work that I did for her.

My mom recently had hip replacement surgery, and while I went down for the weekend, I really wasn't of much help. My dad took fabulous care of her, but I won't lie. It is a scary thing to have a parent that is ill. It is a reminder of the fragility of life. One that makes me have nightmares at night.

Photo taken by P herself!

I turned 30 last week, and I didn't meet it with much kindness. I wasn't looking forward to it. We went out to dinner as a family of 3. It was nice and quaint, and just how it should be. I am going to Vegas this summer for my 30th with my besties from High School to celebrate. I cannot wait. Confronting the idea of getting older is something that is new to me, and it is something that brings a ton of fear into my mind. I am not quite where I thought I would be by 30. BUT I am so incredibly lucky to have the life that I lead each day.

I constantly struggle with the what's next in my life. So much of growing up is about getting through these milestone in life. You are always looking forward to what is next. Always thinking, "What do I have to do to get to this next point." Now in my 30s--I am struggling with what is next in my life. I have a career, and a family--So what is next for me. It's the uncertainty that I don't like.

So until then I just pour myself into this little piece of perfection that I created. I try to focus on providing new and great experiences for P. Ballet and Gymnastics. Playdates with friends. Trips to Disney World. Maybe, possibly, hopefully a sibling to grow up with. Teaching manners, and good habits. Trying to curb the temper and hard-headedness that is already grasping her three year old self. Molding, shaping, hoping, and praying that the decisions I make and will make are best for her. I guess that is what is next for me. Still I know, no matter what, that it will never be enough, yet it will also never be too much.

What do you think?