Wednesday, February 17, 2016

I have a problem!

I have had this problem for a long time now. I had it when I was a young child. It got better as I got older, and then returned once I was in college and has stayed pretty permanent in my life since then. Are you ready to hear what it is????

I am addicted to a good book!

Not like most healthy readers who read a chapter in bed every night. Or those who find comfort on a lazy Sunday afternoon in a good book. I am the reader who once I am hooked on a good book... I can do nothing else; think about northing else. It is crazy. I would rather read that book than anything else. All of my other relationships suffer. My DVR sits untouched. I just can't stand it. I will even spend planning time at work finishing up a chapter. What is wrong with me?

So this brings me to you all out there. I have just finished these two amazing books; The Luckiest Girl Alive, and The Girl On The Train. OMG They were both amazing. If you haven't read them, then you need to do it asap!

The Luckiest Girl Alive is suspenseful because it alludes to something awful that has happened, but you are not really sure what it is until the end. It is a story with a very confused narrator, and someone who I wasn't really even sure that I liked--that is, until the very end. It was SO, SO, SO, good. I highly recommend it!

The next one, The Girl On The Train, it kept me on the edge of my seat for the whole 48 hours it took me to read it. Seriously, you will be haunted by it. It centers around a disappearance of a young woman. The narrator, Rachel, is also one that it took me a long time to actually like. But in the end she realizes that the darkness that she had been lead to believe about herself wasn't true at all. I have chills right now just typing about it. You need to check it out.

Reading for me is an escape. It gives me a happiness that I cannot describe. I love to curl up on the couch with my book and a cup of coffee and just smile. It is such a way to relax.

What great books have you read lately? I need some suggestions! Seriously! I need a fix, and quick!

Monday, February 15, 2016


There are times in my life where I feel completely and totally prepared for a situation or event that is coming up next in my life, then there are times where I feel like I am hurtling down a dark road towards the next month and event. I always start to feel this way this time of year.

My husband is a soccer coach. So January-April are really long months for us. During these months I take on more responsibility than I normally have. I am home alone with P until at least 6 each night, and on some game nights I am alone until after she goes to bed--sometimes J doesn't get home until after I am in bed. I also take on a lot of the meals during this time because J just isn't home. AND--I don't mind. I really don't mind. There are parts of me that actually feel better during this time of the year because I feel like I am contributing more. BUT it is a hard few months.

This year I am going into soccer season with a goal in mind. We are currently planning a disney trip for the family over Spring Break. It will be a nice distraction from the home stretch of both school and soccer. I am counting down the days.

Like most things I have been scouring Pinterest and blogs for all things DisneyWorld. I AM SO EXCITED!

J on the other hand--not so trilled. the thought of lugging a 2 year old around DisneyWorld excites the opposite feelings in him that they do in me. I cannot wait to see the look on her face when she meets Mickey Mouse and Minnie. I think she will love the rides and shows. I am oh-so-trilled to do this for me (uh, I mean her). It was a freudian slip--I promise.

By the time we get to spring break I am so going to deserve to be in the happiest place on earth. I want it to be perfect--so if you have advice for how to navigate Disney with a 2 year old--please send it my way. I definitely have Mickey information overload.

What gets you through the rough months?