Wednesday, October 12, 2016

My Disney Bag!

Now that I am a Disney Pro (I might be a little bit too cocky) I think I have a good Idea of what to keep in my Disney bag for a successful trip.

Here is a peek into my Disney bag.

1. Toys for lines--even though we never pulled out a single toy--we came prepared. All kids are different and you just never know when they might come in handy. What types of toys did I pack? glad you asked. I wen to the local dollar tree and stocked up on mini coloring books with stickers, and a mini magna-doodle (which P plays with at home more than it's regular sized counterpart). I also ordered a light up Elsa wand. I also included her favorite lovey and blanket. Not really toys, but there in case she gets upset.

2. Ponchos--It always rains in Florida. Our first trip we didn't get rained on at all, but our last trip it rained every day at the park. I would also suggest keeping an empty ziplock bag or two in your bag so that you can put your wet ponchos in that once the rain stops. You might also consider a stroller cover. We didn't have one, but it would have been nice. Instead we used an extra poncho to keep P's seat dry when we were in lines.

3. Food--My bad was bursting to the brim with food and snacks. I also recommend bringing a cooler. We kept ours in the small bin under our stroller. In it I put our sandwiches, P's applesauce, and plenty of drinks. As far as snacks this was my list:

1. A ziplock bag of cheerios, goldfish, and chips each
2. A large ziplock filled with packs of peanut butter crackers, fruit snacks, rice krispie treats, and cookies.
3. A ziplock bag full of Dum Dums suckers in case of tantrums. We didn't have to use them, but I saw this on our last trip from another mom and thought it was brilliant. Her kid started to scream and she whipped one of those suckers out so fast. The kid was instantly silent. So smart!

4. Sunscreen, Sunglasses, and chapstick--DUH!

5. Bandaids--we actually needed one at the park. You can go to first aid, but who wants to waste time with that?

6. Hand Sanitizer and Santizing Wipes!--every time that P touched anything or rode a ride--we were constantly santizing her hands to prevent illness. Looks like we did a good job!

7. I pad or tablet--this we used for breaks and lunchtime for P. It was a great way for her to unwind while Mommy and Daddy rode Space Mountain!

8. Mister fan--I actually forgot ours on this trip, but I will definitely remember it next time! I noticed it was gone. It's great to keep your little complainer cool on those hot afternoons.

9. A spare change of clothes or two in separate gallon ziplock bags. Just in case your little one has accidents. Our girl was not completely potty trained, so we did this. However, I ended up putting her in a pull up each day. She kept it dry too! I didn't trust her.

10. Hair ties--can't leave home without these

11. Minnie ears and bow! I made my own for P instead of buying them there. So much cheaper. I'll do a post on those eventually.

That's about it. I really do think being organized like this has made us prepared for whatever comes our way!

What was in your Disney bag?

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