Sunday, January 13, 2019

Happy 5th Birthday Piper!

January 13, 2019
Dear Piper,

Today is your 5th birthday! I remember when you were one month old and I cried as I wrote your one month old birthday letter. I can not believe that I am sitting here now writing your 5th birthday letter. It amazes me how fast it has all gone by, and what a wonderful life we have built together as a family!

You are the apple of our eye, the most beautiful moment to each and every day. Your personality is all your own now. You have so much to say, and you rarely miss a moment to let me know exactly what you are thinking. You are a prankster! You love to play, Which hand is it in? You love to laugh at Daddy's jokes, dance funny dances, and have a silly face selfie session with Mommy.

You are a sensitive gal, though. you love big, and your feelings can get hurt pretty easily. You love all of your friends, and you want to help them whenever you can.

You are still doing gymnastics, and are getting pretty good at it. You love the balance beam, and are even trying to talk us into installing one in our house so that you can practice more. You got a frozen bicycle for your birthday, and are so excited to learn how to ride it. You are my little daredevil.

Speaking of daredevil, a few weeks ago you got your ears pierced. This is something that I knew that yo had wanted to do, but you had been too scared for a long time. One day, you just woke up and made that decision. You were stoic in the store, and only cried for a little bit. We are now waiting until we can change into the unicorn earrings that you picked out for when your ears are healed. 

Your favorite thing to do is play board games with us. We have played so many rounds of your new LOL Surprise game since you got it for Christmas. Speaking of LOL Surprise, they have been your favorite toy of this year. You know all of the cool toys because you love to watch a YouTube show where little girls open and play with toys. I don't understand it, but it is your thing!

Yesterday we had your birthday party. It was a girly spa LOL Surprise party. All of your girlfriends came and got their toes and nails painted. You all got your hair done and facials too! We then celebrated with the family at Mellow Mushroom. you love to have sleepovers at Glammy and G-Daddy's house, and Memo and Grampa's house as well. You love to play hard with your Uncle Matt and brother, Dylan.

This past year we didn't go on as many trips as in the past, but you did have one marathon trip to Virginia. This year we took you to visit our nation's capital at Washington, D.C. You saw all of the monuments and played in the museums. Your favorite part was going in the butterfly room at the Natural History Museum. We also visited some caverns. You went on an obstacle course, and you mined for precious gems. Then we took you to the Virginia coast to visit mommy's friends from college, Che and Brandon. You loved playing the Colton and Hollis, and we went to the beach!

You are really starting to blossom in school this year. You are doing great with your sight words. You love to do your homework for Pre-K, and your teacher is still Ms. Megan. In August you will start Kindergarten, and I hope that you grow to love it as much as you have loved Camden Academy over the last few years. I can't believe this has come so fast, but I am excited for all that you will learn in the future.

Happy Birthday baby girl! You are the perfect addition to our family. We love you more than all the stars in the sky! I hope you know how much we adore you. Daddy and I are having a hard time with you growing up so quickly, so please be gentle on us if we have a hard time letting you go. Always remember that we love you first, and that our only wish is for you to be safe and happy. I promise to try my very best to make sure that that is exactly what happens.

I love you, Always,