Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Bitter-sweet Moments

If you have been visiting with me since the beginning, you know that one of the biggest reasons that I decided to breastfeed was because I wanted to prevent my little P from getting sick. I am happy to report that other than one little case of the sniffles P has been 100% healthy her entire first year of life. The one think that BF couldn't protect her from was teething pain. Little Girl, or LG for short (I have started to call her this lately and cannot stop!) has been doing great with teething up until this week where she is cutting 4 teeth at the same time.

I find myself dealing with, a semi-sick baby. She is irritable, and having a hard time sleeping (naps only) because of the pain. Poor LG has become increasingly clingy. She stays close to me, and often wants to crawl in my lap and lay her little head down on my shoulder and whine.

Yesterday she laid on my shoulder and watched a whole 15 minute episode of the wiggles without cracking a smile or lifting her head. She is usually bouncing and dancing along. I knew that she was in real pain. So I reached for the Motrin (which I hate giving her) and decided that it wasn't worth letting her be in this much pain. None of the other remedies were helping her, and she needed some relief. She slept all night and awoke this morning with a smile on her face. I hope that she is able to dance again today.

Days like yesterday are bitter-sweet for this momma. I know that the times that she will lie with me and watch a show are few and far between. I understand that the moments in which she will sleep on my shoulder are not infinitely numbered. So while I am sad for her because I know that she is in pain. I couldn't help but spend the time smiling as I lightly stroked her brown curls and inhaled deeply the lingering scent of baby. Toddler days are so busy that there are not many moments usually to spend holding, caressing, kissing, and hugging. I will be thankful for each and every one I can get, even in the worst of circumstances.

Do you secretly love sick cuddles with your little one?

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