Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Piper's First Birthday Party--An Overview

Onesie, Tutu, and Bow by The Paper Duck

On Saturday we had P's first birthday party. It was a big success and I am so excited to share all of the details with all of you! Our theme was Look WHOOs One (owls). As I mentioned in my post last week--I planned this party over five months because I wanted to spread out the money and the stress of the party. I also had a lot of help from family to ease the financial burden just a bit.

Happy Birthday Banner by The Little Red Wagon

First of all let me tell you how amazing my little miss P did at her party. She was very pleasant despite missing her second nap completely. She only cried a little bit when we changed her clothes to do her smash cake. I was terrified of the way that she would react considering she usually does not like strange people talking to her or touching her. She was passed around like a hot potato-- and took it all in stride. Like I always say--I doubt her and she makes me pay for it. I was so very proud of her.

Smash Cake by Shakeata

We learned that P LOVES Chick-Fil-A chicken nuggets at her party. We had a large tray of nuggets, and I fed her a bite from one of my nuggets and she ate the remainder of nuggets on my plate. I know, I shouldn't be surprised since my girl can eat. BUT she is very picky and you just never know what she will like. She doesn't like macaroni and cheese--so I won't put anything past her. What kid doesn't like mac and cheese? Seriously! She did so good with her cake. She didn't cry when everyone was singing to her (like I feared she would). She dug right into her cake and ate very neatly without making much of a mess at all.

We also learned that P doesn't really like to share her toys. What little toddler her age does? She pitched a little mini fit when another baby took one of her toys at the party. After that we pretty much just kept her away from the toy station where the rest of her baby friends spent most of their time.

We had a pretty big crowd at her party and consider ourselves very lucky to have such a large and strong support system. I have always been one to have a small group of quality friends--I am loving the new friendships that P has brought into my life in the form of my mommy friends. I have found them to be an endless source of support, love and knowledge over the last 12 months and I hope that we will continue to grow in our friendship over the next 17 years.

 J and I were also blessed to have both of our families and extended families present at P's party. Real and honorary Aunts, Uncles, and Grandparents were there. It struck me that the last time all of those people were in the same room at the same time was our wedding two years ago. That had me a little teary eyed. I am so very blessed to have all of these people in my life, and I am even more blessed that my baby girl gives us a reason to get together and celebrate once a year. She is so loved by so many.

There is nothing I would rather do than celebrate this life that I have. P is everything I expected she would be and so much more than I hoped for. My heart was very full as I looked around the room. You could just feel the love. I look forward to planning the future birthdays (even though I do think I set the bar way too high with this one).

I want to give credit for each aspect of the party. Below are the credits for the decor at the party. I have included links and contact information as well. I would also love to hear about fun things you did with your little one's party. I am always looking for new fun ideas. 

Picture garland made with twine and mini clothes pins I bought from Hobby Lobby

Credits for the Party:

Birthday, Dot, and Highchair Banner as well as Owls and 1s for centerpieces--Diana from The Little Red Wagon Etsy Shop (future review post coming). Shop her adorable stuff here.

 Dot banner pictured in background Highchair banner pictured below. Invitation and monogram label on centerpiece made by me.

P's Birthday Outfit--Anna from The Paper Duck

Anna and I grew up together--literally she lived right next door. She makes the cutest shirts, bows, tutus, banners, and various other party items. All of her items wear well and are excellent quality. She is local (Atlanta area), she has a VERY quick turnaround, and takes credit cards. She is my go to for all of P's personalized holiday outfits. Check her out here.

Chalkboard food labels, invitation, and birthday print poster and framed signs--Made by yours truly using PicMonkey and GIMP. I have my own etsy shop you can order them at here. I can make lots of designs. Just contact me with ideas.

Smash cake and Cupcakes by Shakeata.

Shakeata is a co-worker of my moms. She is always our person for adorable sweet creations. You can contact her at meringue81@yahoo.com. You can send her pictures of what you are looking for and she can make it happen! She is so talented.

The plain green and turquoise cupcakes are special order from Publix

The table clothes, paper plates, cups, lime green, turquoise, hot pink trays, and silverware were from Party City. The adorable Lime green Burlap table squares were made by my God Mother. The white serving ware is B. Smith brand from Bed Bath and Beyond. 

Thanks for all of your well wishes and virtual love for P's Birthday. We really appreciate it.

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