Thursday, January 29, 2015

Party Decor From The Little Red Wagon

When I started looking on Pinterest for ideas for P's first birthday party. I quickly got overwhelmed. I was wishing that I had a Circuit and knew how to use it--and probably that I had the time to learn. I didn't, but I knew that I wanted some paper decor for P's shindig.

I quickly took to etsy and began looking around for the type and style of decorations that I wanted. I wanted a good sturdy paper Birthday Banner. I also wanted a shop owner who had the time (and patience) to help me figure out other items that might complete the very large space we would be using for the party. To top it all off--I wanted someone local so that I would not have to pay shipping costs. Enter The Little Red Wagon. Diana is a mommy-preneuer. She will be welcoming another bundle of joy sometime next year. She loves helping moms like her make their babies parties spectacular! I think that is just amazing, and I wouldn't want to give my money to anyone else :)

I messaged Diana, and heard back from her immediately. I told her that I was doing an owl theme, but that I didn't have much else decided on. She showed me a banner that she had made for an owl party already and I fell in love with the colors scheme of turqouise, fushia, and lime green. At first, I was really just looking for a banner, but after talking with Diana, I realized that I would need a lot more because of all of the windows and different areas of the party. So we decided on a sign for the front door, dot banners for the fireplace, 1s and owls on sticks for centerpieces, a highchair banner, and a gorgeous birthday banner.

I met Diana about a week out from Ps party and she had everything carefully wrapped in tissue paper to keep it safe until the party. I got so excited peeking at them in the box--I could hardly contain myself. The day of the party--the items were stunning. I received so many compliments on how pretty the banner looked and how cute the little owl centerpieces were. I even had a few people who wanted to take an owl home with them.

The items were made of various card stock and heavy scrapbook paper. They were extremely well made to the point that I think that I could use them again next year if I wanted. The Birthday banner was tied together by tulle ribbon that added the perfect feminine touch. I am just so pleased with the way it all turned out and looked on the day of the party. I know who I will be going to next year for P's birthday party supplies--and you should too.

Diana has some really cute Mickey and Minnie mouse ideas. I am hoping P starts to fall in love with them for next years party. Although, I am kinda leaning towards a bow theme. Yes, I am constantly planning. Check out all of her stuff  on  Facebook or etsy. Tell her I sent you!

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