Wednesday, October 8, 2014

P's New Clothes

I have been getting questions about how I dress P. It's very flattering, really. You guys like the way that I dress my daughter, and I have to agree with you. I think P is much better dressed at this stage in her life that her momma is. That is mostly because baby clothes are cheap! AND P has 2 grandmothers that love to buy her the cutest outfits. I usually shop at Carters and Target for her clothes.

This past week I was killing time, and decided to stop in Old Navy. Normally I don't like their stuff, but HOLY CUTENESS!!! Their toddler girl clothes are AHH-MAZING. Yes, I did say toddler girls clothes. My big chunky monkey is wearing 12-18  month clothes at almost 9  months old. Don't rub it in. I am choosing to embrace it at the moment because of all the cute-ness it opens up for us.

We seriously destroyed the store, and I am in love with P's new fall wardrobe. I even got her and I a matching outfit. O-M-G! I can hardly contain my excitement.

Plus, it is relatively inexpensive. I am not one to spend $20 on a onesie and pants. It was all way cheaper than that!

I tend to also try to get pieces that can be mixed and matched. I don't want to get something that will only look good when it is in it's own outfit. I like versatility in her wardrobe--especially when she might throw up all over her shirt at any given moment. As she grows I try to have a pair of jeggings in every size, and leggings in black and hot pink. This time I got jeggings in both regular jean and black jean. Then, I always go for at least one patterned pant. I love the leopard ones above! Then I find tops that will mix and match with all of the bottoms that I have. Old Navy had a ton of graphic Ts and onesies that would match items I already had for P in 12 months.

I also wanted to get her some outerwear and footwear. I found the cutest little hats that are lined with fleece to keep her little head warm. I couldn't resist these boots with the fringe! AND I had to get this red raincoat for her!

I am still trying to decide if she needs this fur vest to go with her leopard outfit pictured above! It would totally be impractical and would serve no real purpose, but come on, it's adorable.

Where do you find your little one's clothes?

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