Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy hOWLoween!

It's finally here! P's first holiday season. Today is Halloween. This momma couldn't be more excited for her little girl's first Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. My best memories from my childhood are the holiday ones. I cannot wait to make these special memoires with my tiny human.

The holiday season always reminds me of my grandmother. Christmas was her favorite time of year, and she always made it so special for all of us. I also loved the time of year because I got to spend it with my cousins. Since I didn't have siblings--they were the closet thing. I am so excited for P to get to spend her first Christmas with her cousin Luke.

I am all consumed with the idea of creating new traditions with P during these holiday months. I know that my husband thinks that they are cheesy and not at all necessary. However, I disagree. These are the moments that she will look back on when she is my age. These are the happy memories and moments that she will want to recreate with her family. AND--I am going to do it right. Uh, oh.

Anywho--So we will kick off this holiday season with P's first Halloween. P is appropriately going to be an owl. My favorite animal. It is fitting because there are owls all over her nursery.

I took her to my mommy and me group and snapped some adorable photos of her crawling around in her costume. She was so cute! We probably wont be going back to group again after yesterday. She was a little rough with the tiny babies. I will admit that my baby girl is a little mean. Stealing water bottles from other babies and hitting them with them is not my idea of a little lady. I know I am going to have my hands full with her in the coming months.

Our plans for tonight are to snap a million pictures of P and her brother before he heads out to trick or treat in our neighborhood. P--on the other hand, she will sit in my lap and watch at the kids walk by until her early bed time. The real fun will begin next year when she can actually eat the candy.

Happy hOWLoween Ya'll

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