Friday, October 10, 2014

Friday Favs

Ok, I've bought into the Friday Favorites movement. I know you are all rejoicing out there in cyberspace. Yay!

The point of these posts is to share with all of you the things that I am currently, in this moment loving/wanting. In the hopes that you might see something you didn't know about that might improve your life. it goes!

1. The Merry Mistletoe Candle from Bath and Body Works.
 I have two of these from two Christmases ago, and they are THE BOMB. Seriously. I love curling up on the couch with a hot cup of coffee and the smell of these suckers burning on the coffee table. It brings me back to such great childhood memories. Christmas was a very special time for my whole family. My grandmother LOVED Christmas, and she always managed to make it so special for all of us. Once she died, it was never the same. This candle reminds me of happier times with her. I heard that they were not one of BBW's candles last Christmas. Say it isn't so? They seriously need to bring this one back. It is my very favorite. Until then, I will savor the ones that I have as long as possible.

2. Leopard Print Infinity Scarf!
My mom bought me one of these from Old Navy because I had been salivating over it on Pinterest since last fall. I am a big scarf person in the winter and fall months. I love a good scarf with a graphic tee and thick industrial leggings. Ahh--that's my jam right there!

3. A good Crock Pot.
 I know, this is silly for most of you. BUT, I love a good crock pot. This is the time of year of chilli during the Falcon's games. I adore a big bowl of chilli with shredded cheddar cheese and Fritos crumbled up on top. That is a little bowl full of heaven to me! Sadly, My husband broke the stoneware from the inside of our crock pot a year ago, and we haven't replaced it yet. I am demanding a new one soon! I love throwing all the ingredients in it in the morning, and smelling the goodness all day long. It makes the meal that much more satisfying to me.

4. Zulily
If you don't know about Zulily, then shame on you! This is this amazing site that gets you discounts on goodies for you, your husband, and your kids. I especially like their baby and kids stuff. I got P's baby carrier from Zulily for 60% off! They have the cutest stuff  from baby food pouches to Michael Kors watches. You just have to figure out if its the best deal for you. A lot of times it is!

5. A good graphic tee
Graphic tees are so in right now. They are everywhere on my Pinterest page. One of my best friends is a persoanl stylist and she has been talking about them all the time in her blog, so I know I am on the right track here. I want this one! It combines two of my favorite things, cute shirts and coffee--we are currently out of coffee at the moment, so this one spoke to me.

Have an Amazing weekend my Friends! This weekend is the first weekend in awhile I do not have a makeup job. I look forward to spending some quality time with J, P, the DAWGS, and the Falcons. I love Football.

'Til next week!

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