Friday, December 11, 2015

O Hanukkah

My husband and I come from different faiths, and while it doesn't seem to make a difference to either one of us--it does confuse and astound some people in our community. Since I came back into the classroom--I have had a few questions here and there about how we navigate the whole religion thing. I always change the subject quickly, but I understand where the questions come from. Especially around the holidays. People want to know if we are celebrating Hanukkah or Christmas.

The answer to that question is that we celebrate both. When I say that we celebrate them--I do mean it very loosely. Neither J or I go to church or synagogue frequently. Therefore, our celebration of the holidays is more focused on family tradition and celebrating eachother and spending time together than it is about religion. 

This year it has been a bit more pronounced because it is the first holiday season that P can really interact well. She loves our Christmas tree, and claps as we light the menorah. She loves singing O Christmas Tree, but would probably prefer the Hanukkah, O Hanukkah or Dreidel, Dreidel, Dreidel. She gets a few gifts for Hanukkah, and has a big haul for Christmas. 

When people ask me if I care which religion she chooses I always say, she can choose one or none at all. That is not what it is about to me. I am going to do things the way that I have always done them. I am going to give her the same type of holiday memories that I had growing up, and I hope that my husband can do the same for her. I definitely don't think she will be worse off for knowing both sets of traditions. I actually think she will be better off for it. 

One day, I hope she looks back on her childhood and appreciates that we didn't make a choice for her, but that we embraced what we love about each religion and taught her tolerance and love through each. 

Have a GREAT Weekend!

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  1. I grew up with so many friends who celebrated both holidays with their parents. I think its wonderful you are teaching her about both and letting her decide which, or BOTH, to continue with as she grows older.