Friday, December 4, 2015

Friday Favorite Christmas List for Her

This year I had a hard time thinking about items that I wanted to place on my Christmas list. After a lot of research and looking at what I need in my closet and makeup bag. I decided on the items above. I think they would be great additions that most women would love.

1. Buxom Mascara
This is by far my favorite higher end mascara around. I love the blackest black. The applicator is awesome. I would always be happy with a tube of this stuff in my stocking!

2. JCrew Factory Lexi Pants
These are my  number 1 go to pants for work, so I am always looking for fun new colors to add to my closet.

3. Sam Edelman Boots
My cousin wore a pair of these babies to our Thanksgiving celebration, and I have been dying for a pair ever since.

4. Tyme Iron
This thing is ridiculously expensive, but it is really cool. Anything to save your wrist while you are making those perfect curls with the straightening iron.

5. Pandora Brillant Legacy Clear Earrings
I don't often wear earrings, but maybe I would if I had these babies. I think they are pretty without breaking the bank.

Happy Friday, y'all!

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