Monday, October 5, 2015

To Those Who Wait...

Apparently good things come.

Two and a half years ago my husband and I made a decision that forever changed our life. Since we had gotten married we had talked about moving out of the south Atlanta suburbs to the north Atlanta suburbs. We were seeking better schools for D and who ever else came along... eventually. One day my husband noticed that there was an opening in one of the best schools in the country. One that was an hour away from our then residence. It was the holy grail of jobs in the best public school district in the state. Upon mentioning it to me--I encouraged him to apply. I mean--why not? They probably will fill it in house with someone that knows someone. A few days later he got an interview. Not long after that he had a job offer, and then we were struck with a very tough decision of what to do now.

We made the decision to move our entire lives to North Georgia. The next day after my husband accepted the job--I found out I was pregnant. AND the stress just compounded from there. We had a very quick turnaround selling my home and finding a place to rent (since we weren't sure which area we wanted to live in yet). At the time it felt like we didn't know what the hell we were doing--and looking back we definitely didn't know what the hell we were doing. So while we were happy--we started hoping for a time when we could find our forever "right now" home.

Well--I am happy to announce that I am writing this blog from that home. AHHHH! I can't even contain my excitement.

SOOOO..... I know you are all mad at my absence. Most of you didn't even know that I was missing, probably, but I noticed. I missed you and I missed sharing my life with all of you. I just couldn't write a bunch of posts while secretly hiding all of these amazing changes in my life that I just wasn't ready to share with the world. I believe in jinxes. And I didn't want to talk about the house until it was mine--completely!

Also, in news--I have entered the classroom again! YIPEE. This is something that I had been aching for over the last six months. It was a very hard transition that encompassed many tears by me (and many more by P). Nevertheless, I have made peace with the guilt of making by girl go to baby school so that I can work. I am so thankful for my time teaching from home. It gave me the ability to spend every waking moment with P. Those are moment most mothers do not get, and I will and would do it again--if I have another.

I am also coaching cheerleading again! This is something that I really enjoyed 6 years ago when I first started teaching. I am learning, however, that it is a totally different thing when you have a toddler that you already feel like you never see. It takes up a lot of time. BUT--I have a great group of girls and guys (we are COED).

So good things come to those who wait and those who wish, and hope, and pray for them. I always believed that we would get to this place. While it took a lot of discipline, hard work, and even some tears. My husband and I built a house that we can be proud of and that P will hopefully spend the majority of her childhood. It is a good time in our lives.

So stay tuned as we journey into making this house a home. I promise not to keep any more big secrets for awhile, and to try to communicate with you a little more. As long as you keep on reading.

I love you all today!

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