Friday, October 30, 2015

Home Projects

Since we moved into our new home--I have been hard at work to get everything ready to host my family's Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations this year. I know that the holiday season will be fast approaching (since Halloween is tomorrow!). Once it starts--I will have very little time to get everything ready for the holidays and P's SECOND birthday party in January.

So there are a few rooms that I have been working on feverishly and I am ready to share them with you. I am certainly no decorator, but I think these projects turned out pretty perfect!

1. P's Nursery
Since I have never really shared P's nursery on the blog--I decided this would be the big one for sure. Her room was the first to be completed in our new home. This was obviously out of necessity. It needed to have everything set up to be ready for her to sleep in each night. It is a room we all spend a lot of time in playing, sleeping, rocking, and reading.

 I was insistent upon getting blackout curtains to help her sleep, and I think that they have served their purpose pretty well. P actually has 4 blackout panels and then an additional 3 black out panels behind those to further block the light. It is DARK in her room, and I LOVE IT!

The other wall houses her changing table--whose days are numbered as I am anxiously awaiting P to show me that she is ready to potty train. It also contains her nightstand with all of her books and her rocking chair. The rocking chair was the one my mother used to rock me in. I just love things that are sentimental like that. The picture over her changing table is the printable I made for her birthday last year that details all of her stats. The wood monogram was a gift from Piper's Aunt Michelle. I spray painted it with gray chalkpaint spray paint to match her room.

The other side has her crib with her name over it, and her dresser with her bow holder.

She actually has two bow holders for all of that hair.

2. The hallway gallery wall
Upstairs we have this huge wall in the hallway that is actually visible from downstairs. Therefore I knew that it needed to be filled up quickly. It is the first thing you see when you walk in our house. I want it to be inviting. So--I hopped on Pinterest to look at a lot of different gallery walls and the best ways to do them.

I grabbed a roll of wrapping paper and traced the outline of each frame and where the nail would go for each one. Then I labeled it with what picture it was. I grabbed my painters tape and laid the wall out in a grid like pattern. I think it definitely looks good when you walk in. What do you think? We still have some pictures to print out and put in frames at the top.

3. My coffee nook

These are all over pinterest everywhere you look. This piece was actually an old hutch. We removed the top of the hutch (it is a shelf in our garage now where we leave our shoes and such). We painted the bottom and I believe that it is a beautiful pop of color for our eat in kitchen.

4. My office nook

I don't have a whole room as an office, but we have a very large bedroom with a perfect spot for a desk. I actually love the desk being in our room. I think it adds more character in the room that has a tendency to feel TOO big at times. This desk was previously our old kitchen table. My dad sanded it and painted it with grey chalk paint. I think it turned out lovely. Now, I just need a picture for the wall above it.

That's it for now. Tonight, we head to P's Trunk or Treat. She is going to be Minnie Mouse for Halloween. I hope actually participates this year. It is going to be so much fun! I couldn't get a good picture of her in her costume, so this one will have to do.

Have a happy and safe Halloween!

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