Monday, March 9, 2015

Another Year Older

Today is my 28th birthday! It is my second birthday as a mother. Over the last year it is amazing how much my life has changed. I have learned so much about myself. A lot of that is thanks to my sweet little P.

When I was younger I wished for the years to speed up, and now that I am approaching 30--I pray for slow motion. It feels like time just passes faster than it used to, and I am enjoying this time in my life so much that I don't want to rush anymore. You all have read me wax poetically about how blessed and happy I feel to have this life. I wish I could tell you that this post would be different, but--it's not. Afterall--it's my birthday and I'll write what I want to.

This past week I read a few posts by bloggers about things that they thought they would accomplish by the big 3-0. It got me thinking about making a 30 before 30 list. You know, 30 things I want to have accomplished before I turn 30. Enter--research into these types of lists and what people have on them. I want to have a well-rounded list of things. After reading for a solid 30 minutes on pre-30 bucket lists--I felt like I needed to take a nap with P.

So I decided, instead on a 10 before 30 list. I felt like 30 things in two years was a little too ambitious--especially since I know that I am a procrastinator, AND I am all about having realistic goals. I am doing these in reverse order for a reason.

10. Take a romantic vacation with J alone

J and I used to take cruises a lot before P was born, and we had so much fun. We also liked to go to historical places (we are both history teachers). So I vow that we will take another vacation alone before I am 30. Possibly even 2.

9. Become a home owner--again

J and I moved over a year ago and have been renting ever since. We are looking forward to building our forever (right now) home sometime before I'm 30--I hope.

8. Get back into the classroom

While some teachers cannot wait to get out of the classroom--I loved it. I have been in the virtual world for the last three years, but I cannot say that I don't miss the actual building. I expect that I will be looking to make a return in the next two years.

7. Learn how to sew

I know it sounds silly, but I have always wanted to learn how to sew. I couldn't even sew on a button if I needed to do it to save my own life. I want to change that.

6. Learn more about myself

I have always wanted to go to counseling, but have never had the courage to do so. I feel like there is a negative connotation with seeing a therapist, and I don't think that it should be the case. Working on yourself and learning why you are the way you are is one of the best things I think I could do for my husband and my daughter. I really don't see a down side to it. It doesn't mean I'm crazy. It just means that I'm curious.

5. Make more friends

It is so sad to say, but I feel like I am a horrible friend. I don't keep up with people. I don't reach out when I should. I just stay in my little bubble all by myself. I would like to change that, but it will  be hard for sure.

4. Take P to Disney World

My mom tells me all the time that you have to take your children to Disney before they are too old. Apparently, there is a magic in it before they realize that Micky is just a man in a costume. So while J vows he will never take a child that young to Disney--I would like to see that magic for myself.

3. Learn how to dance

I don't know how to partner dance. While on our honeymoon, J and I took some salsa dancing lessons and it was so much fun. I would love to really learn how to dance with him. I think that would be so much fun for us to do.

2. Get in shape

While I am thinner now than I was before I got pregnant with P--I am not as healthy. I used to take better care of myself.

1. Have another child

While this is probably number 100 on my husband's list of things to do before he's 40. It is definitely something that I feel a strong pull to do. It's hard to articulate the feelings that I have about it, but I know every woman out there that has ever felt it understands me completely. The feeling of not being done and wanting another child is a powerful one. It demands to be felt--at all times.

So that's it. No wild acts. Just things that I want to do that I think need to be done. Have a great week y'all!


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