Monday, September 22, 2014

This Weekend

This weekend was a big weekend for our family. Piper’s Uncle M got engaged to his long time girlfriend, B. We are so excited for them to start their adventure together as husband and wife in December! I can’t wait to hear J’s Best Man speech, I am sure it will be hilarious! P is excited for her Aunt B to officially be Aunt B. I had such a special bond with my aunts growing up, and I think it is an important relationship to have in your life. I remember going to Backstreet Boys concerts, and going on trips to Tennessee and Hilton Head with my Aunts. I totally understand the value of having adult role models for your children outside of their own immediate family. So excited we are adding one to the list soon. We love you guys!

P and I also spent some time with her Glammy and GDaddy at their house. She didn’t particularly sleep well while there. She did not quite feel comfy in the Pack N Play. That is ok, though. She has since returned to her regular home sleep patterns.

I can’t totally blame her for being a little grumpy while at my parents house. She FINALLY cut those two bottom teeth. Thank god! We have been waiting on those suckers for what feels like forever. I am glad to have them out of the way. Maybe my girl will get some relief for a few weeks until the top ones make their entrance as well.

THEN, as if that wasn’t enough excitement for one weekend…last night P sat up all by herself. She was lying on her stomach and she pulled her knees in and walked her arms back until she was sitting up all by herself. To firmly cement her new skills she did it a few more times last night and a few more this morning. What a big girl! I was so proud of her! I just know that she will be crawling soon and I can’t wait for the extra exercise that will get me. I gotta fit in a nice dress for that December wedding!

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