Monday, September 29, 2014


That is right, P is CRAWLING!

I never thought that she would crawl--well, because I never did. She seemed to be taking after the lazy momma. So, I just assumed that my little stationary girl would remain so.

She gave me a big F you this weekend and crawled across the room. Of course, I wasn't there. I was doing make up in the city and was so depressed that I missed it. When I got back to her and saw her crawl myself for the first time--my eyes welled up with tears.

You see, I have been very worried about P's development. I have been measuring her up against the other babies born around her in my mommy group. The ones that are slightly older and have been crawling for awhile now.

Even though, everyone assured me that she would crawl when she was ready, that some babies never crawl, etc. I still worried deep down inside. And...of course I worried loudly to my husband. I made him worry about it too. What a relief!

Now it is on to baby proofing the house and getting ready for my mobile baby girl. I am sure that I will soon miss these pre-crawling days.

P is no longer a baby baby. She is a big baby. She is on her way to being a toddler. OH. MY. HEART.

Do any of you have a bitter sweet relationship with these baby firsts? Is it just me?

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