Tuesday, September 23, 2014

My Favorite Fall Fashion Items

Fall is officially here, ya’ll. I am so excited for fall clothes. This is by far my favorite fashion season. A lot of women love the skimpy summer clothes, but not me. I think I look way better in long sleeved tops and ultra skinny jeans with riding boots that hit just under the knees. I can’t wait for this sweltering Georgia weather to disappear to the amazingly mild fall mornings and afternoons.

This means that P and I will be having a lot more mid-morning walks around the neighborhood. I might even strap her into the baby carrier so that the dog can enjoy the walk as well!

J and I are saving up for our forever home. And by forever, I mean, the next 17 years or so. Because we have this end we are journeying towards—we are currently in hard core budget mode. This means that I will not be buying all of the ridiculously cute fall clothes that I want this season. Plus… I work from home so it is not like I need a TON of things to wear. However—I wanted to share with you guys what I have had my eye on for this season.

1. J Crew vests—I happen to own a hot pink one of these that I wore almost every time I left the house last fall. They are versatile and can be worn with a flannel button down or just a long sleeved t shit. I LOVE them. I have my eye on a cream one. It is on my Christmas list this year for sure.  

2. I love this flannel button down to wear with it.

3. TOMS Wedge Booties and I am in love with their wedge booties since I saw them on my friend’s blog a few days ago.

4. TOMS Ballet Flats—Have had my eyes on the TOMS ballet flats for awhile now, and they are on my short list of things that I want for this fall.  I am having a hard time deciding between the two. I am sure I would be happy with either one.

5. Riding Boots—I wear boots out in the winter and fall months. Therefore, I need a new pair every year. They end up looking pretty ratty by the end of the season. I like these in the picture above from Overstock.com

6. Michael Kors Watch—While I don’t usually wear watches, I have been salivating over this one for months. I think that it would look great with my fall wardrobe. Sadly, it is a little out of my current budget. Maybe a Christmas elf will get it for me.

What are your favorite items for fall?

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