Saturday, May 17, 2014

Happy 4 Months P!

                The past couple of weeks have been crazy—hence the fact that I haven’t written in awhile. A lot has been going on for us. My cousin/maid of honor graduated from Furman University with a Music Education degree, P turned 4 months old, J and I are both knee deep in end of the school year festivities, and to top it all off we have both had a little cold bug. Needless to say, it has not been an overly fun two weeks—but I digress.

                The last month in P’s development has been AMAZING. I really feel her little personality coming out more each day. For the most part we have a fantastically happy little girl. I couldn’t be more in awe of my little Piperooni. This month she has:
·         Started to laugh out loud
·         Learned to look, and then grab her toys
·         Started putting everything in her mouth
·         Become a lot more vocal
·         Started to enjoy sitting up in her bumbo seat, walker, and bouncer
·         Started to enjoy standing up with help.
·         Become a much better napper (I hope I don’t jinx it by writing it)
·         Has consistently slept through the night for the last two weeks
·         Stopped breastfeeding COMPLETELY—she screams if I try.
·         Enjoys reading books—especially Dr. Seuss. Her favorite is currently Green Eggs and Ham!

MOST of these things have had me smiling on a daily basis, and yet they all have also made me cry. I cry the first time she does anything new. I am an extremely sentimental person—and I am very aware that all of her firsts also mean that she will grow up. I know that is why we have children—to raise them and watch them grow up—but that doesn’t mean I have to like it all the time. I look at pictures of my facebook friends that have just had newborns and I feel that pit in my stomach. The one that I felt before I had P. That nagging feeling that says—you may never do that again. You can roll your eyes at what I am saying, but you know you have felt it. P’s birth was such an amazing experience, that I feel a little somber thinking that I may never do that again. Call me crazy. I know it was only 4 months ago!

P had her 4 month check-up this past week, and she is quite the chunker! She weighs 15 pounds and 6.8 ounces. She is also 25 and ¾ inches long. I talked to the doctor about P’s eating habits. Since I exclusively pump and give P bottles—I am able to track exactly how much milk P eats in a 24 hour time period. P has been taking anywhere from 25-30 ounces a day. Anything less than that and she will be waking at least once to eat at night. We DO NOT want that to happen because she will not take the breast anymore—PERIOD. We are not very keen on having to warm up a bottle at 3:00 in the morning with a screaming P! So—if that means we have to stay up until 12 to get her to take her 25-30 ounces, then that is what we do ( and by WE I mean J). The doctor was very complimentary of my commitment to pumping for P. I really needed her encouragement because I had been considering giving it up. There will be a post on this later!

I asked about starting cereal, but I was told that P didn’t need it. She is gaining weight and sleeping through the night. Therefore, the doctor said to try to wait until 6 months old to start some solids. She gave me some signs to start looking for in order to know when P will be ready. Some of them she can already do (sit up in a bumbo seat without wobbling from side to side) and some she cannot do yet (push up while on her tummy until her elbows are locked). We will continue to wait as long as possible since the doctor also told me that some studies have linked starting solids too early to problems absorbing carbohydrates and even childhood obesity. While I haven’t researched this yet myself—I figure that there is no rush. She has the rest of her life to eat solid food. This period of her life will be so short when put in perspective. I will savor it awhile longer.

We were also told that P’s umbilical hernia has resolved itself—yay! Also, her birthmarks on her back and toe are starting to resolve as well. But—her eyes are still a problem. Since birth, P has had green mucous discharge from both eyes. She also has constantly teary eyes. For awhile I just thought that this was normal, but after 4 months I am becoming more concerned. We are now using ointment twice a day and washing her eyes once a day in a solution of warm water with a squirt of baby shampoo. We are starting to see some improvement after 4 days. Have any of you had these types of issues? Do you have any suggestions?

Other than that P is perfect. I am waiting for the 4 month sleep regression that some of my friends are experiencing currently. I will keep you all updated on this and I will share any tips or tricks that I find to work (if any at all). I have heard that Babywise babies have particularly hard times at 4 months because they start sleeping through the night earlier. We shall see.
There are no teeth on the forefront yet, but she is putting everything in her mouth and loves to lick and suck on her hands, my hands, and her toys. I can’t help but think that it will be coming along soon enough!
Overall we have a very happy and independent baby girl. I have heard that many babies her age start to get Mommy attachments and have stranger danger. This may sound horrible—but I welcome them With open arms and baited breath! My daughter doesn’t really like to be hugged or cuddled that much. She wont sleep in my arms anymore, and would prefer to be sitting or laying on her mat alone. She is an independent woman and I admire that about her—but she is still my baby. Mommy needs some cuddles too!

Speaking of Mommy—we did have our first Mother’s day. I was out of town for the first part of the day because of my cousin’s graduation. But I was able to get some baby kisses that night. Piper wrote me a nice card and promised to celebrate with me this weekend. I will definitely hold her to it! Piper also had some 3 month pictures taken, and for Mother’s Day we have some printed and framed to give to her Glammy and Memo! They were very happy to have them.

Happy 4 months Baby Piper! Mommy thinks you hung the moon. Daddy thinks you are the prettiest baby in the whole world. Callie thinks your smell funny. Finder likes to take naps with you in your crib! And your big brother—well he thinks you hate him because you cry everytime he holds you. Don’t worry, I told him it is because you would rather look at him and smile! He is so ready for you to get bigger so he can really PLAY with you! We are all in wonder of your sweet smile and soft giggles. We can’t believe you are ours!
Love and hugs,


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