Friday, April 4, 2014

Baby P's Schedule Weeks 10-15

 P has gone through another schedule change. We are particularly thankful for this change because it means that she is now sleeping through the night without a dream feed! WAHOO! We are so excited about our extra sleep.

Here are some things to remember when dropping a feeding:

1. Continue to use your previous schedule until your child consistently eats poorly at the last meal of the day.
--In P's case we waited about five days before making the shift. We were noticing that at the 12:00 feeding she would play with her bottle and not really take much. She did this every night for 5 nights, and then on the 6th, we just didn't wake her at 12.
2. Understand that since your child will be sleeping longer at night that they probably will not nap as long during the day.
--this means that you will have to adjust the awake and nap times in your schedule.
3. Your child will probably take more food at each feeding to make up for the feeding they are dropping.
--In P's case she started taking around 4-5 ounces each bottle.
4. There will be times when they will not sleep through the night. This is just the nature of having a baby. That does not necessarily mean that they are hungry! It could be any number of things. I usually go in and try these things first before feeding her:
-re-swaddle her
-Give her a pacifier
-turn on her mobile
-pick her up and rock her
**only after all of these are exhausted will I feed her.


Early Morning
7:00--wake and feed
8:30-8:45--down for a nap

10:00--wake and feed
11:30-11:45--down for a nap

1:00--wake and feed
2:30-2:45--down for nap

Mid Afternoon
4:00--wake and feed
5:30-5:45--down for nap

7:00--wake and feed
8:00--down for nap

Late night
9:30--wake and feed
10:00--down for the night

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