Thursday, March 22, 2018

Easter Dresses for Mom and Toddler

This post does NOT contain affiliate links. I am not promoting any of these stores. These are simply my opinions!

It's that time of year again. The time of year to start shopping for the perfect Easter dresses for me and my girl. Today I sat down and poured through our favorite stores to look for the perfect coordinating dresses for me and Little Miss P. Here are my tips to coordinate without being too matchy.

1. Pick dresses that have the same color but are different styles

Gone are the days of wearing the exact same dress as your littles. It's just too much in my humble opinion, but I do love for my girl and I to be in the same color, but it different style dresses. The two above are definitely winners in my book. I love the dress for me for LOFT for me. It is so feminine and I love the detail. Little P's dress would have similar details with the lace and is the same color, but the style of the dresses are very different. This is just enough difference to keep it from being too matchy matchy. We would look so cute together in these dresses.

Gils Dress found here and Mom dress found here.

2. Pick dresses that have similar color palettes but are not the same color.

In the case of the two dresses I chose above--they are both in the blue family but one dress is a light solid blue and the other is a blue floral. Mixing the solids and patterns in the same color family still shows cohesiveness without being in your face with the matching outfits.

Kids dress found here and it's $12.50!. Mom dress found here.

3. Mix patterns in bold colors

I love the idea of mixing these two very different pattern types with the same bold color palette. The both stripes in Little Miss P's dress would coordinate well with the bold colored floral pattern in my dress above.

Kids dress found here and Mom dress found here.

No matter what you choose to wear I am sure that you and your little girls and guys will look fantastic! BUT the question is... Which pair of outfits do I pick for My gal and I? Let me know in the comments!

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