Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Meal Prepping for Busy Moms

Hello Lovelies!

Last week I started a new workout/nutrition regimen that was sent to me by another blogger. Last week was the learning curve. Just like anything else  I had to figure out what would and wouldn't work for me. I will admit--it was an eye opening experience. I learned a lot about myself that I probably already knew, but was trying to ignore.

The first thing I realized is that this is REALLY hard work, and I am so thankful that my husband chose to participate with me. Without him it would have been 10 times harder. That first workout--I wanted to quit after the warm up, but he pushed me. Even though I was secretly cussing him out in my mind. I was able to push myself much further than I thought I would be able to go.

I also learned that my time is even more precious now that I am trying to fit a workout into my day each and every day (except for Sunday, glorious Sunday). This is what will make this program hard or me to sustain after these 30 days are up. I will either have to get up at 4 am each morning, or workout after my daughter goes to sleep. I get major mommy guilt when I try to work out while she is awake. Some days it is necessary--likely today. When we have to do cardio at the gym--she either has to stay at school an extra hour or we have to split up and tag team our workouts.

I don't know how those of you that have multiple children work out 6 days a week. The simple juggling act of 1 child is enough to make my head spin. I work all week, and worked all weekend, and I was able to make it work--but long term, I'm just not so sure. You really have to a have a level of commitment to make it happen. And I do, right now. If I get pregnant again and am dealing with swelling lower extremities, then that will be the test.

The thing that has been really nice is the meal prep aspect. I think that this is something that I will likely carry over even after I finish the 30 day program. Here's why I am loving it so far!

1. It saves so much of my time during the week
Say what you want--that you don't have time on the weekend to prep lunches and dinners. Here is what I say--You don't have time not to meal prep. Sunday I spent maybe 1 1/2 hour meal prepping both my husband and my lunches for the entire week. AND there was enough left over for dinner last night and tonight.

I don't know about you but the last thing I want to have to think about when I get home after working all day, and P's gymnastics class on Monday is making dinner for all of us. I spent 15 minutes warming everything up last night and getting it all assembled. It cuts the prep time in half. Seriously! If you are not doing this, then you are missing even more valuable time with your kids! Plus I knew I had to fit in my workout as well last night. I wasn't stressing because I knew dinner was a piece of cake.

Many people go ahead and pre portion dinners and have them all assembled as well. I don't do that because I don't have enough tupperware. I just assemble it all each night, but it takes no time at all!

2. It cuts down on the opportunity for cheating on the diet
If I didn't have it ready to go--I would be more inclined to find an excuse not to do it. There would be a greater chance that we would be bringing in Moe's or something else. The fact that it is there and it is ready to go--really cuts down on the temptations.

3. It really isn't more expensive
I bought enough food for 8 lunches, 8 dinners, 16 snacks, 7 protein shakes, and all of my daughter's food for this week for around $80. That is really no more that what our weekly grocery shopping trip would normally be. It is just focusing a lot more on fruits, veggies, and lean meats.

4. It gives me an excuse to try out new healthy recipes
Last week I found a few Whole 30 recipes that I wanted to try out and I just went for it. This week for lunch we are having Buffalo Chicken Stuffed Sweet Potatoes--pretty tasty! Even though I don't really like sweet potatoes, they are growing on me. I made extra chicken and for dinner we had buffalo chicken burrito bowls with brown rice, black beans, and pico de gallo.

I find that spending a few extra calories on a healthy sauce to make the food less bland really helps to conquer the cravings. I will sacrifice a snack for that healthy buffalo sauce. It's worth it to me.

5. Overall it just makes me feel like a better Wife/Mom
I will admit, that my husband used to do the majority of our cooking. I had gotten pretty lazy with it. Since I have taken it over for this 30 days--I think I might keep in awhile. It does give me this extreme feeling of accomplishment. I feel like I have doing something nice for him--though he would probably prefer that I didn't so that he could have his hamburgers. LOL!

So if you have been on the fence about meal prepping. Even if it is not healthy meal prepping--do it. It really gives you back so much time during those busy weeknights. You can better spend that time playing hide and seek with your kids or working out with your husband. I challenge you to do it! I think you will be surprised!


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