Monday, April 25, 2016

One of the Last Baby Things

Through out my journey into this thing called Motherhood--I have chronicled the lasts of the Baby Things. It seems that we are entering into the last season of Babyhood for P. While this particular baby item was never my favorite--I still found it in me to mourn it slightly. Good thing this particular item is not one that we can get rid of in just a few days. It will take a few weeks at least. I am certainly up to the challenge--but for the first time in forever--I feel very at peace with letting this transition happen at its own pace.

Yes, my friends, P has started Potty Training!!!

OMG--I am so surprised and shocked that this time is already upon us. I was so not expecting it at all. P had not been showing any interest in the potty what-so-ever, and her doctor had told me that most children are not ready until 2 1/2 to 3 years old and some don't potty train until almost 4. (YIKES on that last one there).

THEN--they moved her up to the older 2 year old room. Which I cried over slightly because she is not older twos--she is younger twos. But I would never be one to hold her back if the evidence is saying otherwise. That would be selfish of me. So I let her move up early. The difference is that this room was full of children who were potty-trained. No biggie, right. I didn't think anything of it. Like, good luck with that, sistahs. She is a tough little nugget to crack. Like always--I doubted my girl. (I really should stop doing that. It is when she surprises me most). After day one she had successfully gone in the potty three times. On day two in the class she had kept her diaper dry all day and gone potty successfully for them each time they asked her to. They even claim that she tells them when she has to go. (I have yet to see this myself, so I'm calling BS on that one...See doubter that I am).

The next week she wore panties all week and only had 3 accidents. I had to face the music that my kid might actually be getting potty trained. So I decided that I needed to step it up at home to supplement her training. Here is what I have learned so far:

1. It is totally normal for your kid to be potty trained at school and not at home.
Who knew this was a thing. For the first few days P would not go for me at home. I was really confused so I did some research and apparently it is common. Who knew? SO I had to get creative--which is code word for bribe her with M&Ms.

2. Find an incentive that works for your kid
For P it is candy because she loves sweets. Whenever I ask if she has to go potty she always says no. Then, if I mention that she doesn't get M&Ms if she wets her pants--all of the sudden she has to go. It's magic. I only give her M&Ms for going successfully and not for trying. That is a decision you have to make.

3. You have to act like a fool when they are successful
Kids are people pleasers. Every time she successfully uses the potty--I clap my hands, scream yay, do a little dance, and give hugs and kisses. She now says proudly, "I did it!" Which is so cute.

4. Routine helps
I take her to the potty every 45 minutes to 1 hour that she is with me. This really  helps to keep her from having accidents. I also have a very specific potty routine. It is similar to her school routine. Stand on stool (we use a potty seat on our toilet with a stool). Turn around and pull down pants and undies. Sit and use potty. Stand back up on stool. Wipe. Step down. Pull up undies and pants. Flush. Then wash hands. We do it the same way every single time with no deviation. If it's rushed or different--I think it causes her anxiety and she wont go. I know--I'm crazy.

5. Decide what tools you are using and make sure you have them on each floor
we decided that we did not want to use a smaller potty since she uses a regular toilet at school. So we bought two potty seats and two stools. I like this seat and this stool. One for each floor so that we don't have to continuously move them.

6. Don't sweat the nap and night time battle yet
I'm not in any rush there. I bought a big ole box of pull ups and I plan to use them for naps and bedtime until she is better about being consistently dry each time. I like the Pampers. Plus, we are still in a crib for now. I think some people feel pressure to do this all at once. I think it is too overwhelming. So I am ok with making that a step for another time.

7. Pack an extra pair of clothes (including socks and shoes) whenever you leave the house
Accidents can and will happen. So it is important to be prepared. The shoes is the worst to me. My mom bought P 2 new pairs of sneakers that can go in the washing machine for her to wear at school where accidents seem to happen the most. It is easy to throw them in the wash at the end of the day.

So that is all I have on this subject for now. The truth is that this last baby thing is a process. It is not something that can be accomplished in 3 days (contrary to what Pinterest wants you to believe.) So while I am looking forward to some extra money in my pocket once she is fully potty trained--I'm not counting chickens anytime soon.

Happy Monday!

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