Monday, February 15, 2016


There are times in my life where I feel completely and totally prepared for a situation or event that is coming up next in my life, then there are times where I feel like I am hurtling down a dark road towards the next month and event. I always start to feel this way this time of year.

My husband is a soccer coach. So January-April are really long months for us. During these months I take on more responsibility than I normally have. I am home alone with P until at least 6 each night, and on some game nights I am alone until after she goes to bed--sometimes J doesn't get home until after I am in bed. I also take on a lot of the meals during this time because J just isn't home. AND--I don't mind. I really don't mind. There are parts of me that actually feel better during this time of the year because I feel like I am contributing more. BUT it is a hard few months.

This year I am going into soccer season with a goal in mind. We are currently planning a disney trip for the family over Spring Break. It will be a nice distraction from the home stretch of both school and soccer. I am counting down the days.

Like most things I have been scouring Pinterest and blogs for all things DisneyWorld. I AM SO EXCITED!

J on the other hand--not so trilled. the thought of lugging a 2 year old around DisneyWorld excites the opposite feelings in him that they do in me. I cannot wait to see the look on her face when she meets Mickey Mouse and Minnie. I think she will love the rides and shows. I am oh-so-trilled to do this for me (uh, I mean her). It was a freudian slip--I promise.

By the time we get to spring break I am so going to deserve to be in the happiest place on earth. I want it to be perfect--so if you have advice for how to navigate Disney with a 2 year old--please send it my way. I definitely have Mickey information overload.

What gets you through the rough months?

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