Monday, December 14, 2015

Happy Birthday J!

Happy Birthday, Daddy.

Thank you for always letting me chase you around the kitchen.

 For giving me many "oy veh's" every night before bed. 

I love how you rake all of the leaves into big piles and leave them there for me so that I can tromp through them with squeals of laughter that fill the back yard. 

Thanks for giving me baths every night, I am sorry that I don't really like them much anymore and refuse to sit down. I am sorry that I got your shorts all wet last night. I was in a bad mood. 

Thanks for being patient with me. 

Thank you for convincing Mommy that it is ok to play Ring Around the Rosie in the house before bed every night. Can we please have four time tonight in celebration of your birthday instead of just 3? 

Thank you for agreeing to read whatever book I choose before bed--even if it is a really long one.

 Thank you for not being angry when I wake you at night, and for rocking me back to sleep when I don't feel well. 

I really love how you play tea party with me. You always drink your cup so fast and tell me how good the tea was! I love that! 

Thank you for teaching me to play soccer, and how to kick and throw the ball. I enjoy playing with you. 

Thank you for singing at the top of your lungs with me. It makes me not be so shy to sing.

 I can tell that you really love spending time with me, and that I all I could ever hope for from you.
Thanks for being the best daddy in the world! Thanks for just being you. 

I love you,
Love Piper

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