Wednesday, May 6, 2015

P's 15 Month Round Up

I know, I know--I thought we were done with these updates after she turned 1. While that was my intention in the beginning--there is just too many changes to talk about that have happened over the last 3 months. Like I have said from the beginning the purpose of these monthly posts is so that Piper can one day look back on them and read about herself. I also hope that when she reads them one day she will get the tiniest glimpse of how much I love her, how painstakingly I planned for each transition in her life. You get the idea. So here it is...her 15 month update.

Over the last three months Piper's personality has been ever evolving. She is a bundle of joy quite literally. Whenever you wonder what sheer joy looks like--all you have to do is look for a happy toddler. On a good day everything is so fascinating to her and she is captivated by the world around her. She will study each toy in her toy bag and chase the dog while giggling incessantly. That is what sheer joy looks like. I have seen it--witnessed it. It surely is amazing to behold. Children are a blessing if for no other reason than to remind you that everything in your life is not such a big deal. They help you remember to slow down and live in the moment. Each day is precious because she is different each day.

The other side to her personality is definitely the Mr. Hyde to her Jekyll. Yesterday she pitched a whopping 10 separate tantrums. They come complete with flapping hands, stomping feet, angry red pudgy face, and hot sticky tears. I have tried time out (a little bit of success), and even a smack on the hand (not much success at all). It doesn't seem to reduce the number of tantrums at all. P is definitely hard headed and I have no clue where she would have inherited this trait because it certainly wasn't from me (sarcasm). I try not to lose my cool with her, but there are times when I feel the anger swell, and I have the urge to yell at her. I just try to remember that she is frustrated because she doesn't understand and she cannot communicate as effectively as she would like. I believe that a lot of her tantrums come from boredom.

While she cannot communicate like she would like at times--she has quite a varied vocabulary. It is to the point where we cannot even count the number of words she can say. Almost every day she is picking up a new word. Yesterday I bought her bubbles and started blowing them today for her. Within seconds of me blowing them as saying bubbles--she was saying it as well. And it is not just that she is repeating what I say. She recognizes the connection between the word and the thing. She is so smart. She can follow pretty basic tasks and even some more complicated ones such as , "Piper can you bring me the remote," or "Piper, put that down and go to the stairs."  She can point out most of her body parts, and can tell me what sounds a Cow makes along with a few other animals.

P weighs in at 26.5 pounds and is 32 1/4 inches tall. She is still in the 95th percentile for both. This makes her a towering one year old who looks bigger than a lot of 2 year olds we come across. This makes me both proud and sad all at the same time. She still likes to eat, but is extremely picky about her finger foods--refusing most "kid" foods.

The biggest change in her 15th month has been in the affection category. Piper has just recently started showing real affection. This is the most amazing thing for a parent. You spend the first year pouring love into your child and they are unable of expressing that love back to you verbally or with other social cues that we are accustomed to. While you know that they love you--it is hard to see from the outside. P loves to give me kisses and hugs. She will often just lean in and plant a big wet one on my lips. It is the best feeling in the world. Over the past month I have really been emphasizing telling her that I love her. I tell her all day every day. At least 30 or 40 times a day I would say. Just today I was changing her diaper and talking to her and she said something that sounded like I love you. So I said to her, "I love you." She repeated back what she had said just a moment earlier, and I knew that is what it was. She is finally able to put it to words. I immediately teared up. There is no greater feeling than that.

Now that it is spring time and it is warm outside--I try to take P to the park every day. She loves to run around in circles, swing, and slide. We have some much fun playing together, and there is nothing I would rather do. One day she will no longer want to hold my hand as she slides down the slide or have me push her in the swing--so I am going to savor every moment while I still can. These days are now so fleeting that it is almost like the clock hands are chasing us. In less than 3 months she will be 1 1/2, and I will be planning her 2nd birthday party. HA--you know I already started, right?

So there it is, my little Pooper! 15 months down and a lifetime to go. Only 16 and a half more years before you will be 18 and anxiously readying yourself to leave the nest. The thought sends chills up my arms and triggers that choking feeling in my throat. I love you so completely, and hope that you will forgive me for holding you closer with each passing day.


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