Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Happy Trails

This week P and I are in Hilton Head on vacation. We are setting off with my mom and god-mother on a girls trip. I was definitely wanting to get P out a little bit because we have a VERY busy summer planned for her and I wanted to get her used to being in the car. However, there is always a little bit of anxiety when it comes to traveling with a little one.

I do find it a lot easier to travel with a toddler than an infant. When I took P to the beach last summer it was pretty miserable for the both of us. She wouldn't sleep pretty much the whole time we were there and I felt like I did just days after she was born--overwhelmed and exhausted. Plus, it was just hard for me in general. It was the first vacation I have ever had as a mom. It was quite an adjustment not really being able to go out and lie on the beach all day long.

This time--I don't have to bring everything and the kitchen sink--just everything. We still had to bring a pack n play and high chair. Then there are the many toys to keep her entertained. It is a pain to bring everything, but at the same time--the look on her face when she took off running on the beach made it all well worth it.

The key to traveling with a little one is to understand that they will do things differently because their environment is different. I have a hard time with this. At home, P eats pretty well and drink tons of water. Yesterday, I couldn't get her to eat her oatmeal and she was swatting that water away like it was a plague of locusts. BUT--come night time she started guzzling it. In the end thirst and hunger will win out. Just another example of how I have got to learn to trust her and her little body to tell me what she needs and when she needs it.

I was DEATHLY afraid that she would not sleep the whole trip down to the island. At home on our short trips here and there--she almost never sleeps in the car. I was worried that she would get hysterical. And--she did, but only once and I think it was because she was in pain from being really constipated. She did take 1 hour and a half nap and 1 40 minute nap while in the car. It wasn't as bad as I thought, but it wasn't as good as I'd hoped. This is why I need to take her out more and get her used to adapting to my schedule instead of me being a slave to her's.

This summer we are taking the long trip to Virginia and Washington, D. C. We plan to take her with us, and I am hoping that she will do well on the trip. Let's see how she does on the way home on Wednesday.

What things do you do to make trips with your little one more enjoyable for everyone?

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