Wednesday, December 17, 2014

P's Birthday/Holiday Wishlist--What to buy a toddler?

I have been getting a lot of questions about what types of things Piper wants for Christmas/Hanukkah and her Birthday in January. Of course, She doesn't want anything because she doesn't know any better. But I understand that it is really hard to know what to get a one year old. you want to get something that the baby will like and that will also help the parents out in some way. So it really boils down to what she needs and what we need as her parents. If you have a one year old in your family that you are needing to buy for--this is the list for you.

I have recently been trying to change her schedule to better accommodate with my new work schedule. I am finding that she is more than willing to stretch her awake time, but she does not want to play independently. This has been a struggle for me as a work from home mom. So--The number one thing that I think P needs is age appropriate toys. I am hoping that several new toys will help her play independently for longer bursts of time during my work day. Here is what I found while doing my research.

1. Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Stroller Styled Walker
One of P's friends has this walker and says that her little one loves pushing it everywhere. I think P would do the same. I also love that it helps with that nurturing side. I know a lot of 18 month olds that seem to go through a nurturing stage where they want to take care of their toys--even diapering and rocking them to sleep. This toy would be perfect for that stage.

2. Munchkin Bath Dunkers
P loves the bath, but she is quickly getting tired of her current bath toys. I think that she would love these bath dunkers. It is essentially a basketball net that you can put on the side of the tub so that baby can put the toys in the net. So cute.

3. Fisher-Price Click 'N Learn Remote
We went to a friend's house over Thanksgiving and her baby had this play remote and P was obsessed with it the entire time we were there. She plays with our real remote controls around the house, so I know that she will love this and get a lot of use out of it.

4. Pajamas and Sleepers
P still gets serious wear out of her sleepers and pajamas. She wears holes in the toes within a week or two of wear. She has started to get a little too big for her 12 month sleepers, so it is time to start stocking up on the 18 month pajamas.

5. Playskool Poppin' Park Elefun Busy Ball Popper
P loves to play with balls, so I know that this will get me a couple of minutes to work during the day. I think that it will take her awhile to learn how to work it, but once she does she will likely be chasing the balls everywhere. Now to keep the cat and dog away from them.

6. Baby Mozart Music Cube
This toy is on every parenting magazine list that I reviewed. Since my darling P loves anything musical. I know that she would enjoy this toy that plays different musical instrument sounds and lights up.

7. Board Books
P loves to play with books. Even when I am not reading them to her she loves to sit and flip the pages. If the book as buttons with music and sounds--even better.

8. Play Kitchen
Yesterday I posted on Facebook looking for some suggestions for how to keep P busy during work hours and this is the number 1 response that I got. While I had thought that she wouldn't really be able to play with a play kitchen until two. All of my mommy friends were saying that a play kitchen with play plates, pots and pans would give me hours of independent play. Well--I am all for that.

Of course there are other, less exciting things that P needs. I just didn't feel like putting socks on the list. Who wants to buy that? BUT-- What baby doesn't need socks? Somehow we are always losing them and are in constant need of new pairs. P is also starting to walk and needs shoes. I would love to get her some of those moccasins off of etsy, but they tend to be a bit pricey. I see a lot of babies around wearing them and think that they are adorable, but I am not sure of how "piper-proof" they are. My girl is rough and tumble for sure.

I always tell family and friends that when all else fails--babies always need clothes. Especially at this age where P wears the knees out of her pants crawling around. So if you are ever in doubt, and can't find anything to get a little one--clothes are always a good bet. I also would never be upset with receiving a pack of diapers. I don't know a momma that would.

What types of gifts do you recommend for your toddler?

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