Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Happy 11 Months P!

I can't believe I almost forgot to write this post. It is the holiday season and time is just flying by at record rates. We are getting ready for P's first Handley Christmas and her first Hanukkah Party with the Steinbergs! Here is what has changed in month 11!

This month P tops the charts at almost 23 pounds! Geez--I thought she was going to start slowing with her weight gain, but sistah is still packing em on. She is a lot more active this month, so hopefully we will see some slimming here soon.

P took her first steps in month 11. She broke her two top teeth, and can stand on her own without any support and without pulling up on objects.

P loves her baths as long as she is allowed to crawl around and stand. She also loves to play with her rubber duck and bath letters (for some reason she only enjoys the letter Q).

She is a champion sleeper--sleeping 12 hours at night. It has been awhile since we have even heard her stir in the middle of the night. We went through a little rough patch with our naps as I worked on a transition in her schedule. However, P adjusted beautifully after a few days hard work. My work changed my class schedule on me in November, and I was going crazy worrying about if I was going to be able to make it work. Now, I can breathe a little bit easier knowing that P should be able to sleep while I am teaching all of classes. I don't know why I ever doubted my girl. She always makes me pay for not having enough faith in her. While I know that it wouldn't have been the end of the world (for her) to have to go to a mom's morning out or a daycare a few times a week--it would have set us back financially. We are working hard to save for a house, and didn't want to have to pay for childcare. I will post P's new schedule for those of you who like checking out schedule ideas for each stage of your child's development.

We have definitely had a lot of verbal progress in the 11th month. P's list of words contains: mama, dada, doggy, kitty, right, light, cheese, hi, bye-bye, and hey. I have also noticed that she is able to follow simple and moderate commands. If I ask her where something is she can point to it. If I ask her to go get something, she can do it. She can blow kisses and play Peek-a-boo. It is just amazing seeing language and cognition developing. It brings me a lot of joy to see her learn.

Another thing P has developed is a pretty bad temper. P loves sharing my morning bagel with me. I often pinch off little pieces of the soft middle for her to eat. If I do not do this, then she pitches a tantrum. Complete with slapping and kicking. We are not really sure what we can do about this at her current age. She certainly doesn't understand the concept of time out yet.

We continue to struggle at times with solid foods. P is very picky with her finger foods. She only eats cheese and bread so far. She is also getting frustrated with puréed foods. We are having to try all kinds of crazy tricks to get her to eat. Couple that with the fact that she is not really interested in my milk any more, and it is frustrating. She will still drink fairly good amounts of water out of her sippy cup, though. We are going to transition to whole milk soon. I cannot wait to be done with the pump. I am planning to do something ceremonial with it when I am done to commemorate the 9 months I spent exclusively pumping for P. I'm thinking burial or smashing it with a sledge hammer. What do you guys think?

Happy 11 months my sweet P! You have brought me so much joy in the past 11 months. I love sharing sweet hugs and kisses with you. I can't wait to experience childhood again through your eyes. Merry Christmas my angel baby!


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