Thursday, July 24, 2014

Happy 6 Months P!

My baby is 6 months old! It feel s like just yesterday I was counting down the days until her due date and having nightmares about what birth would be like. Now, I would give anything to go back to that day—to relive it over again—to pay better attention to each minute. It just went by too fast. The baby that I had then barely resembles the chunky monkey that I have today. She is rambunctious, sassy and adorable. I love her oh-so-much.

This month has been C-R-A-Z-Y. We had our first beach trip and started solid foods. P has become even more animated and mobile than ever—yet she still isn’t rolling over. My mom says that she is just like her Mommy (I didn’t walk until I was almost two). I guess my girl will do it all in her own time, and I will try not to worry about it.

P loves the bath and the pool. She dislikes the sand and the ocean. This girl loves to be outside no matter the temperature or the weather. She is getting a touch of the stranger danger. My cousin tried to hug her as soon as she walked through the door and P quickly let her know that she was not happy about it. Poor L was scared to hold her the rest of our beach trip. I am secretly happy that she has developed a little more mommy-centeredness. She whines when I walk too far away, and is more interested in cuddling with me.

On the other hand, my baby is mean. She likes to slap, punch, kick, and scratch me when I make her mad—and sometimes just because. I have started pulling back from her and saying no, but she often just smiles at me. I am afraid that she is going to be just as mean as her mommy was as a child. They say you get it back in your own children. I may be in serious trouble.

She is still sleeping in her swaddle because she will slap herself and kick until no end, thus rendering her wide awake during nap and nighttime. We have been struggling in the sleep department for the last two weeks. She often wakes at least one time—and sometimes likes to stay up for an hour or so slamming her legs on her mattress. I have wondered if home girl is possessed.

As I have mentioned previously, her appetite has slowed. We are having a hard time starting solid foods as well. She seems to be more interested in playing than in eating whether it be solids or bottles. I am still pumping for her (go me).

P loves to stare at herself in the mirror. She will even laugh at herself. She likes to talk and even shriek with happiness. She can walk around in her walker and is sitting up for longer periods of time without falling over.
She will roll from side to side while on her back, but will not roll over. She has rolled from tummy to back 3 times, but that is it. The 3 occurrences where months apart.  The docs don’t seem to be too concerned.
She is a slave to her schedule. If she gets out of whack—I know that she will make me pay. She does so often. She is also teething and this has caused some mood swings. We have no actual teeth yet, just a lot of drool and fussiness.

There is so much to look forward to in the next few months and every little milestone is so exciting. I cry every time she does something new.

I am so in love with her little personality and am so grateful for the happy little baby girl that I have. I wouldn’t trade her for a million bucks (although, my hubs might).

I Love you little Piperoo! I am so glad you are mine.



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