Sunday, March 23, 2014

P's Schedule 7-10 weeks

I have had some questions about P's schedule as she grows. Here is her current schedule. Please note that I adjust this schedule occasionally as she is not a robot and may wake early from naps. I hope this schedule helps you gage how you should adjust your baby's schedule. I will post changes in her schedule as they happen. There should be a shift next week at 10 weeks. We will see how that one goes :)

Early Morning
6:30—Wake and feed
7:00—Play time/bath time
8:00—Down for nap

9:00—Wake and feed
9:30—Play time
10:30—down for nap

12:00—Wake and feed
12:30—play time
1:30—Down for nap

3:00—Wake and feed
3:30—Play time
4:30—Down for nap

Late Afternoon
6:00—wake and feed
6:30—play time
7:30—Down for nap

Early Evening
8:30 Wake and feed
9:00—play time
9:30 Down for nap
* I usually pump at 10:00 and then go to bed. My hubby then give P a bottle at 11:30. This is a dream feed. She usually is sleeping the whole time she is eating.
Late Evening
11:30 Wake and feed

11:50 Down for the night

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